The power of surrender

Surrender doesn't mean giving up or letting your "enemy" win. 


It's about self care. Self love. Allowing yourself to fall into that place pf softness and listening to your body.

My life got so much easier when I learnt how to surrender. And I only learnt though being forced to do so, again and again... until I finally got it ! 

This article gives a nice little taster of what I mean.....Can you relate ?

Your body knows before your mind does. Listen.

Life throws many challenges our way, but with a body and mind that are able to navigate these challenges with more ease, we do not have to become overwhelmed, unhappy, stuck or sick. 

Facilitated work on the body, can be a great way to simply support and allow it space to create some internal change. Through change comes hope. Within hope, there is endless possibility ! 

Your body is constantly working to unblock, release, process and integrate everything that's going on around, inside and outside of you. Imagine just how many processes are happening every second of every day ! Supporting your body, also supports your mind. And if your mind feels safe and happy, your soul can feel peace. This is when we thrive. 

Listen. Trust. Believe. 

Your body knows the way XO

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The Power of Allowing

During this last month in clinic, I've seen a theme of depletion. Exhaustion. Colds. Headaches. A general desire to want to jump on a plane to a tropical island and possibly never come back. Sound familiar?
Life's busy. And in todays culture, particularly in the sphere of growth and wellness, there's a huge emphasis on striving. Striving to be better. Striving to eat better things. Think better thoughts. Do more. Have more. Give more. 
Don't get me wrong, I am all for growth, working hard and achieving our goals. But what if sometimes, just sometimes, we acknowledged the power of allowing. By allowing I mean giving space to the things that don't, in our striving minds eye, feel like we are succeeding, but make us feel like we are positively failing; the emotions that don't feel so empowering or positive, the fact that you haven't cleaned the house like you said you would, your list of daily to do's not being ticked off in entirety, the guilt over that extra 15 minutes you had in bed this morning that meant you didn't do your usual exercise routine. What if, just what if, we didn't berate ourselves and just allowed it to be. I see huge strength and also the potential for clarity in these moments. 
And its the same with our bodies. That pain that won't go away. That tension that keeps coming back. Pain is a signal that something needs to change. That something needs attention. It's our body's way of asking us to listen. There can be great healing potential in that space of allowing and listening, just as much as there can be in being proactive about creating the change that's needed to heal. 
We won't get anywhere without some doing, but when the doing begins to feel rigid, constrained, self deprecating and lacking in self care and love, let go and listen. And, now that we're officially into Springtime, when life can feel even more busy and full, lets keep remembering to allow ourselves that space and time, so that we can continue to open ourselves up to a more authentic life.
Be kind to yourselves.
Michelle xo

The importance of gut health

This has always been an area of sensitivity for me. It's taken me a long time to know what foods work for me and which ones don't and to understand the fluctuations in my body that can occur and when I need to put something in or take something out of my diet, to help boost things up.

Our gut is our second brain. So many health issues can be helped with proper nourishment of this important system. 

This article explains things really concisely and has been a great resource for me.

5 Tips to a brighter and healthier Winter

After my last post about balance, things got hectic and I have since been trying to restore this balance in my own world! The Summer is a notoriously busy time and those long hours of daylight gives our bodies that extra lust for being outdoors or staying up late.

As Winter fast approaches, the light changes and our cells feel less energised, what can we do to ensure we stay strong and don't hit that common slump in vitality that so often occurs as the nights draw in ?

Here are a few tips that might help.

1. Get plenty of protein

We can start to crave those comforting foods as the weather turns colder and our energy levels dip. Stay strong and reach for some protein instead of something sugary or carb heavy. We cant store protein so we need to eat some with every meal. It is the body's slow burning fuel and aids detox and repair. Lean meats, fish, tempeh, tofu, eggs, nuts and grass fed cows butter are a few key examples of great protein sources.

2. Consider taking some supplements

We could all do with an extra boost from time to time, no matter how clean our diet is. The fact is that our soils just aren't as nutrient rich these days. Systematic Kinesiology is a great way of finding out exactly what your body needs. Some staples are a good vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Zinc.

3. Rest

Obvious really, but so often not prioritised in these busy lives we lead. Resting does not = lazy ! It's important to get down time and allow your system to "plug back in". Make sure you're getting to bed early enough to get the right amount for sleep for you. Aim to turn off any screens an hour before so your nervous system can settle in and prepare.

4. Exercise

It's important to keep moving and keep up that exercise routine even on those dark, cold nights. Aim for 30 minutes a day to keep your body healthy and your immune system boosted up. You may not feel like it, but hold onto the feeling of post exercise endorphin release and the wonderful heat that gets generated throughout your body. Go on. Stop the mind chatter and just do it.

5. Nourish yourself

What makes you feel grounded and happy? Treat yourself to a bunch of flowers, buy that book you've always wanted to read, try a new recipe out on some friends and get cosy around some candlelight. Find something simple and nourishing to help keep those Winter blues at bay.

What do you find essential for you during the Winter season? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Can we achieve balance?

I've seen many people in clinic this month who are stressed out and tired. This is not a surprising observation, I'm sure, but it got me pondering the idea of "balance" and whether this is actually attainable.

Modern life seems busier than ever. I've lost count of how many times I hear the phrase "I wish there were more hours in the week". I say it myself sometimes too ! It's a lovely thought, slowing down, taking a day off or sitting down to meditate and calm the mind, but in reality, very often, life just takes over and we have to keep pushing through for a while longer.

I believe that life ebs and flows. We have patches where everything feels manic and we have to work an extra long day or week, and other times when things feel settled; We have time to notice the birds in the trees or pick up the phone and call an old friend we haven't spoken to in a while.

I'm in no way suggesting that it's not important to rest. Rest is key and allowing ourselves this is the most loving thing we can do for ourselves and our bodies. I simply think that trying to achieve balance, can mean that things become rigid and out of tune with that natural, if not sometimes hectic, eb and flow.

I do however, believe that we can get balance within our bodies. If the body systems that manage our stress responses are supported and looked after, and our spine is moving well, allowing our nervous system to function optimally, the undulating journey of life can feel more manageable and we can move through change with more ease and flow.

What we put in is key. Eating good, organic foods, plenty of vegetables and good sources of protein with every meal, will keep us fueled up in the right way (blog on protein coming soon). Sometimes our body will need some extra support and this can come through supplementing some of the nutrients our body cannot always get from our food.

Kinesiology is a great way of determining what the body needs and what may be lacking. It truly can get the body back in balance, nutritionally, emotionally and physically. Here at Synergy, I use Kinesiology with my clients who are experiencing that feeling of stress in a way that feels depleting and draining. Combined with some specific and gentle spinal adjustments, balance can be restored and life can feel more manageable again.

Struggling with that eb and flow of modern life? Give me a call to find out more.

Keep journeying !

M x

Fit and Fab!

For the last month I’ve been doing one to one personal training sessions. Even us Chiropractors need a kick sometimes. In fact, sometimes more than ever, as we spend most of our time helping our clients and not enough time giving back to ourselves!

When I booked myself in for my first consultation with Amy Norris of Amy Norris Personal Training, I was feeling lethargic, weak and a bit wobbly round the middle! I knew something had to change.

4 weeks on and I feel stronger, fitter, more focused and enjoy exercise more than I have in years. Another bonus? My digestion is better, due to having some blood pumped around my body on a regular basis. Who’d have thunk it? My core feels stronger and after a day of being on my feet adjusting other peoples’ spines, mine feels happier and straighter.

So, as I enter into month two, I hope to be even leaner and fitter… and able to do a full press-up without wanting to keel over.

I would recommend one on one training to any of you that feel stuck in an exercise rut, or if you’re simply struggling to keep it consistent. Amy is fab! She knows her stuff and delivers well thought out routines, with your goals at the forefront of every session. The sessions are so much fun and I leave feeling supported, confident and like I can tackle anything! She even helps me keep an eye on what I’m eating; good nutrition is key to staying energised and fuelled up in the right way.

Check her out at

And remember, getting your spine checked out before you embark on fitness is key to performing at your best and staying injury free. Movement helps healing and an extra boost from some gentle, but specific, Chiropractic adjustments with me at Synergy Chiropractic and Wellness, will have you well on your way to feeling lasting wellness.

Give me a call to book in!