5 Tips to a brighter and healthier Winter

After my last post about balance, things got hectic and I have since been trying to restore this balance in my own world! The Summer is a notoriously busy time and those long hours of daylight gives our bodies that extra lust for being outdoors or staying up late.

As Winter fast approaches, the light changes and our cells feel less energised, what can we do to ensure we stay strong and don't hit that common slump in vitality that so often occurs as the nights draw in ?

Here are a few tips that might help.

1. Get plenty of protein

We can start to crave those comforting foods as the weather turns colder and our energy levels dip. Stay strong and reach for some protein instead of something sugary or carb heavy. We cant store protein so we need to eat some with every meal. It is the body's slow burning fuel and aids detox and repair. Lean meats, fish, tempeh, tofu, eggs, nuts and grass fed cows butter are a few key examples of great protein sources.

2. Consider taking some supplements

We could all do with an extra boost from time to time, no matter how clean our diet is. The fact is that our soils just aren't as nutrient rich these days. Systematic Kinesiology is a great way of finding out exactly what your body needs. Some staples are a good vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and Zinc.

3. Rest

Obvious really, but so often not prioritised in these busy lives we lead. Resting does not = lazy ! It's important to get down time and allow your system to "plug back in". Make sure you're getting to bed early enough to get the right amount for sleep for you. Aim to turn off any screens an hour before so your nervous system can settle in and prepare.

4. Exercise

It's important to keep moving and keep up that exercise routine even on those dark, cold nights. Aim for 30 minutes a day to keep your body healthy and your immune system boosted up. You may not feel like it, but hold onto the feeling of post exercise endorphin release and the wonderful heat that gets generated throughout your body. Go on. Stop the mind chatter and just do it.

5. Nourish yourself

What makes you feel grounded and happy? Treat yourself to a bunch of flowers, buy that book you've always wanted to read, try a new recipe out on some friends and get cosy around some candlelight. Find something simple and nourishing to help keep those Winter blues at bay.

What do you find essential for you during the Winter season? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.