Everything is progress

What does progress mean to you ? That you've achieved more in your work? That you're healthier? Happier? Richer? For me it means continued growth and healing. Evolving. Moving forwards. Facing those parts of us in shadow- the parts that hide and often keep us feeling unworthy or stuck.

As 2016 fast approaches, many of us who are on a conscious journey are being forced to face what's come before and shed some more layers of pain and wounding, so that we may enter our next chapters with greater clarity and strength. It can often feel like we've "been here so many times!" facing the same pains, learning the same lessons but in a different form. But this doesn't mean we are not making progress. Everything is progress. It's the facing it that's important.

This last month for me has been climatic and loaded with big lessons, many of which I thought I'd "learnt" a long time ago. I've seen old emotional blocks rear their heads, old physical symptoms return and have encountered acute illness that's forced me to cancel clinics and remain bed bound. My initial reaction was to feel pushed down, deflated, like I'd failed somehow. How can I lead others to be healthy and to heal if I'm here, in this place? I drudged around in that for a while, but then I realised (as I always do eventually), that I have a choice. And everything I am being shown is a gift. I am not invincible. I am human. Sometimes it's wiser to surrender.

To feel is to grow. To grow is to heal. To heal is to be able to transcend the pain and to transcend, makes our ability and desire to give back to others even stronger. Even more meaningful. Even more love full.

So, as you wade through the treacle of emotion and learning, remember this: Life has your back. And in the wise words of Alexandra Stoddard, "...Slow down. Calm down. Don't worry. Don't hurry. Trust the process". You have everything you need.

With love & light for a soul anchored 2016,

Michelle x