Fit and Fab!

For the last month I’ve been doing one to one personal training sessions. Even us Chiropractors need a kick sometimes. In fact, sometimes more than ever, as we spend most of our time helping our clients and not enough time giving back to ourselves!

When I booked myself in for my first consultation with Amy Norris of Amy Norris Personal Training, I was feeling lethargic, weak and a bit wobbly round the middle! I knew something had to change.

4 weeks on and I feel stronger, fitter, more focused and enjoy exercise more than I have in years. Another bonus? My digestion is better, due to having some blood pumped around my body on a regular basis. Who’d have thunk it? My core feels stronger and after a day of being on my feet adjusting other peoples’ spines, mine feels happier and straighter.

So, as I enter into month two, I hope to be even leaner and fitter… and able to do a full press-up without wanting to keel over.

I would recommend one on one training to any of you that feel stuck in an exercise rut, or if you’re simply struggling to keep it consistent. Amy is fab! She knows her stuff and delivers well thought out routines, with your goals at the forefront of every session. The sessions are so much fun and I leave feeling supported, confident and like I can tackle anything! She even helps me keep an eye on what I’m eating; good nutrition is key to staying energised and fuelled up in the right way.

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And remember, getting your spine checked out before you embark on fitness is key to performing at your best and staying injury free. Movement helps healing and an extra boost from some gentle, but specific, Chiropractic adjustments with me at Synergy Chiropractic and Wellness, will have you well on your way to feeling lasting wellness.

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