The Power of Allowing

During this last month in clinic, I've seen a theme of depletion. Exhaustion. Colds. Headaches. A general desire to want to jump on a plane to a tropical island and possibly never come back. Sound familiar?
Life's busy. And in todays culture, particularly in the sphere of growth and wellness, there's a huge emphasis on striving. Striving to be better. Striving to eat better things. Think better thoughts. Do more. Have more. Give more. 
Don't get me wrong, I am all for growth, working hard and achieving our goals. But what if sometimes, just sometimes, we acknowledged the power of allowing. By allowing I mean giving space to the things that don't, in our striving minds eye, feel like we are succeeding, but make us feel like we are positively failing; the emotions that don't feel so empowering or positive, the fact that you haven't cleaned the house like you said you would, your list of daily to do's not being ticked off in entirety, the guilt over that extra 15 minutes you had in bed this morning that meant you didn't do your usual exercise routine. What if, just what if, we didn't berate ourselves and just allowed it to be. I see huge strength and also the potential for clarity in these moments. 
And its the same with our bodies. That pain that won't go away. That tension that keeps coming back. Pain is a signal that something needs to change. That something needs attention. It's our body's way of asking us to listen. There can be great healing potential in that space of allowing and listening, just as much as there can be in being proactive about creating the change that's needed to heal. 
We won't get anywhere without some doing, but when the doing begins to feel rigid, constrained, self deprecating and lacking in self care and love, let go and listen. And, now that we're officially into Springtime, when life can feel even more busy and full, lets keep remembering to allow ourselves that space and time, so that we can continue to open ourselves up to a more authentic life.
Be kind to yourselves.
Michelle xo