Meet the Team

Anna Hill

Anna offers Kinesiology and one to one bespoke yoga sessions at Synergy.

She discovered Kinesiology while travelling in South America, via a chance encounter. She was wowed and amazed by the powerful healing she experienced and how quickly she felt the change. She was so inspired, she booked a flight home immediately. Anna has since completed the foundation and the Advanced Practitioner training with Essence Health Training in Bristol.
Both Anna's parents are keen yogis and she began her own regular asana practice in her early teenage years. She was drawn to India to deepen her self practice and it was there that she completed her Ashtanga-Vinyasa Teacher Training in Goa, at Sampoorna Yoga.


Annas soft, naturally empathetic nature and ability to read what your body needs in each moment, is what enables her to get right to the root of your problem and allow long lasting, quick change.



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