Meet the Team


Sasha Langman

I have been working as a chiropractor since 1995. My original training was in McTimoney Chiropractic. I am also trained in a variety of other healing modalities. They are all low force, involving accuracy and/or speed. I use Emmett Muscle Management and Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Koren Specific Technique and I give Reiki treatments. I am a registered UK EMM-Tech course tutor.

I generally prefer to mix my skills base within each treatment to suit the individual case. I find this provides a faster, longer lasting resolution than using the techniques alone. It is reasonable for new clients to expect 2-4 visits. I do not provide any type of treatment contract because treatment is given to suit each individual as no two people are exactly alike. Some individuals only need 2 treatments. The initial response is usually related to age, general health status and lifestyle