We all carry patterns in our bodies, caused by physical,  emotional and chemical stresses that accumulate through our lives. Some of these unwanted patterns can become fixed in the body, eventually manifesting as pain, stiffness, difficulties in our relationships and/ or an inability to cope with stress or change.

Network Care is a gentle yet powerful approach, which enables the body to shed those unwanted layers, the ones that no longer serve us, so that we can begin to experience life from a more centred, grounded and self loving place.

Network Care, through gentle touches to the spine (no cracking, no crunching) enables us to go much deeper, as it works directly with the nervous system- our central switchboard, controlling all processes in the body. 

We are meant to not just survive, but thrive !

Network Care helps us do this by:

  • Enabling you to manage stress better
  • Helping you to feel more connected to your purpose
  • Releasing tension from the spine, muscles and nerves
  • Helping you to breathe more freely and deeply
  • Creating greater self awareness
  • Allowing you to make healthier choices for your body and mind

Network Care goes deeper than the surface patterns, to reorganise the system and create long lasting change. 

"Your body is your subconscious mind. You can't heal it by talk alone"       Candace Pert