NSA is a gentle, ‘light touch’ approach to releasing tension in the body. It helps the nervous system to relax and readjust, allowing the body to:

  • Adapt to stress
  • Release tension from the spine, muscles and nerves
  • Breathe more freely and deeply
  • Experience greater wellbeing and self awareness
  • Develop a more ‘self reliant’ spine
  • Create more comfortable and confident movements

We all carry patterns of tension in our bodies, caused by physical and emotional stresses that accumulates through our lives. These can become fixed in the body, eventually manifesting as pain and stiffness. They can also interfere with our natural breathing rhythms, making them shallow and restricted.

The result is that we often feel less well than we could, with aches and pains and physical limitations we would like to overcome. In addition, our emotional responses can become stuck in patterns that are not positive.

NSA allows the breath to deepen and the body to recognise how it might release tension and realign itself in a more balanced way. By making precise touches to the spine, we alert the brain to make the necessary changes, thus allowing healing to take place and reorganisation to begin.