"Michelle is the most humble and caring practitioner I've ever had the honour of receiving treatments from. I've been seeing her for nearly 3 months now on and off and cant believe the gentle transformation that's taking place within my body and life. I love love love seeing her and am amazed by how gentle yet effective this work is.I can't highly recommend seeing her enough; whether you have pain or just feeling quite low the body is a great place to start. She has an amazing tool box and years of experience and knowledge. Bristol is VERY lucky to have her. Also her new space is so beautiful, warm and peaceful...THANK YOU SO MUCH Michelle."

Martha, entrepreneur


" I went to see Michelle because I was suffering from lower back pain, knee pain and lack of sleep and general stress/emotional worry. I just wanted to be able to relax and let everything wash over me. The treatment helped me to relax – Michelle worked her magic!! I now feel more positive in my thinking, stress less about the silly things and I’ve become more aware of my posture. I can now get a better night’s sleep! Oh, and my knee and back don’t hurt constantly. To anyone considering booking in at Synergy, DO IT! You won’t regret it –I’ve always needed a Michelle in my life and I am so grateful".

Caroline, property management


"From the moment I walked into the room, Michelle immediately made me feel I was in the right place. Her approach was professional, informative , reassuring and never rushed. It’s so much more than manipulation and cracking backs! She combines chiropractic and holistic techniques throughout the session which I had never experienced before. The result is a far deeper effective treatment. You feel like you are in good hands! You will leave the room feeling taller, stronger and more energised than when you walked in! Hard to believe after one session, how tension and movement is restored.  Her diary says everything, so book in advance to avoid disappointment!"

Mano, Director- Locations and production company


"My back was so painful that driving, sleeping and especially standing was agony and I therefore struggled with work. Michelle realigned me, gave me deep tissue back massage and acupuncture. I feel instant pain relief every time I come to see you. You are amazing! I would absolutely recommend you to anyone with back issues."

Sumi, Food designer


"I had a painful lump in my knee and had a slow healing broken foot, over all I was feeling a little hopeless ! Michelle realigned my back which helped take stress of my knee and remind my body what alignment felt like which reduced the pain when squatting and running. The treatment has helped me walk fluidly and realigned my body after the muscle loss of my broken foot. It's helped me balance out my muscle power through my body again. I can run again and bend down! Hurray! The treatment really helped with my understanding of what pain I can just live with and where action can be taken".

Synnove, Artist